Photo by Marc Millar

I love my work. I love to give direction to visually shape the way something should look and work. I love to come up with ideas which will function to get a book seen or a company or brand noticed. My design work gives form to these ideas and present them in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. I immerse myself inside a client’s business or brief and find solutions for them which have structure, beauty and integrity.

17 years of being a designer and art director has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people working in the food and publishing industries over the last fifteen years. From world-renowned chefs, such as Tom Kerridge, Jason Atherton and Philip Howard, to some of the most well-respected and talented food writers around. I’ve worked with a variety of some of the world’s largest food brands, from MasterChef to Marmite, and with some of the best food photographers in the business, including David Loftus and Jean Cazals. It’s a job which has introduced me to some of the finest restaurants and artisan food producers and has allowed me to learn from and create books for some of the most talented people working in and around food today. I love every aesthetic aspect of creating a book, from design and typography to directing photo shoots and briefing stylists, but I also have a very thorough understanding of print and production, and of commissioning and editiorial, too, and every aspect of creating a book in between.

My freelance career has enabled me to broaden my skills and client base, working with some brilliant people and concepts, helping to develop ideas from the ground up or to re-shape and refine what exists already. Alongside new book design work, I’m also interested in logotype creation, web and app development and editorial content for a number of different companies, ranging from established brand names to exciting digital start-ups.

Phone photography is now a major strand of my work, which I produce for a number of different clients, especially for social media purposes.

Writing commissions have come from contacts both inside and outside the food world. I’m passionate about the written word, and a good understanding of language goes hand in hand with intelligent design. My personal writing can be viewed at