Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: David Loftus | Food Styling: Genevieve Taylor and Laura Field 

MasterChef is known and loved the world over: it’s a show which is on television every hour of every day somewhere in the world. Taking on the publishing of the books was no small task. I worked very closely with my publisher and the team at Shine – the production and distribution company behind MasterChef – to create something that would give this book (the first of a series of new MasterChef publications) a fresh, exciting and on-brand look.

I met with David Loftus, best known for his work on Jamie Oliver’s books, to ask if he would come on board. There’s probably no photographer who has done more over the last couple of decades to make accessible food look beautiful for the masses. David was only too happy to join us and so together we set out to create something which reflected the values of the brand and which captured the excitement and devotion with which people followed the series.

In the kitchen studio, we recreated 45 dishes from the three winning MasterChef UK finalists, plus 45 new recipes created exclusively for the book, which we shot over ten of the busiest but most rewarding days of photography I’ve known. The winning finalists themselves joined us for a couple of days of dedicated portrait work for the book, and David and I directed Natalie, Larkin and Dale with energy and fun (and the occasional game of fußball).

The result was a debut recipe book for each of the three winning finalists and a new instalment under the MasterChef publishing umbrella which Shine were immensely proud of. It was also the culmination of many, many months of hard work, successful collaboration and the inspiring and creative efforts of a very talented team.