My Photography

Instagram is a tool that enables you to create and self-promote. It lets me explore and publish my vision of the world – to showcase an idea, to express humour or intellect, to inspire and share. Those are all incredibly powerful things and if you haven’t considered them for your own feed, I’d suggest you’re not getting the full or most positive experience from the app. It is also, of course, a wonderful way to hone photographic skills. Much of my working life centres around food, so it’s no surprise that it should dominate my feed, but I have a fascination for life’s smaller, more mundane and everyday details too and in recording that which often gets ignored or appears dull to others. Instagram has opened my eyes to hundreds of incredibly inspiring visual people and I love being connected with that world.

1000 Cookbooks

1000 Cookbooks is an incredibly exciting digital cookbook start-up project which I’ve been art-directing and designing since 2014. As immersed in the subject of cookbooks and a visual direction for the brand as I am, I was extremely keen to apply those sensibilities and passion to what I believe to be the core social stream for the brand.


Instagram takeovers

I offer this service to people who are looking to kickstart or try something different for their social channels. It’s an opportunity to give things a fresh look and to pull in new followers and interactions

In Conversation

There’s an interview with Kate Wesson at the iPhone Photography School website about my phone photography. You can read the interview here.


Interview at iPhone Photography School