Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: Mike Cooper | Food Styling: Genevieve Taylor

Ben Vear’s impressive debut book included over 100 recipes which scaled the full spectrum of frozen sweet ‘delights’. Chapters were broken down into chocolate, caramel, citrus, berries, botanical infusions, herbs and spices and alcoholic infusions. Working with photographer Mike Cooper and food stylist Genevieve Taylor, I came up with a creative brief which would see us produce and photograph every dish in the book, each with its own vivid sense of wit. Via striking composition, pun, metaphor and an incredibly rich and varied selection of props, not to mention Mike and Genevieve’s amazing attention to detail, we created an ice cream book like no other, which captured not only the beauty of Ben’s artisan products, but also the fun and magic of a subject matter loved by all.