Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: Lisa Barber | Food Styling: David Everitt-Matthias

David Everitt-Matthias is one of the country’s finest chefs and has been for almost two decades. His food is immaculate in its consideration, cooking and presentation. It’s no surprise he strived for and expected exactly the same of the three books we worked on together. David’s input and influence were across each of the three books. Photographer Lisa Barber’s similar perfectionist streak complemented perfectly and Jane Middleton’s editing gave the text both rigour and accessibility. The design was fairly classical, albeit with colours for the text pulled literally from the key components of each dish to lift it away from the starched formality of a two-star chef book and more into the the realm of a book to be enjoyed by all. It was awarded the 2009 World Gourmand award for ‘Most Innovative Book in the UK’. His second book, Dessert, went on to claim the coveted ‘Best UK Cookbook’ a couple of years later.