Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: John Carey | Food Styling: Jason Atherton and Cary Docherty 

Doing the job I do brings with it perks and pleasures galore, but great privilege, too. Working with Jason was all of those things. Far more easy-going and humble than I’d imagined he might be and hugely accommodating around a manic schedule. Jason’s ‘Number 2’ behind the recipe checking and studio days for this book was Cary Docherty, the hugely talented Head Chef from Jason’s Little Social restaurant. John Carey, who had photographed so much of Jason’s food over the years, came on board to create the pictures for the book. In many ways, it’s one of the simplest books I’ve designed, but it’s certainly one of the most pleasing. I sat down with Jason and John during one of the early studio days to look at the first set of spreads I’d designed for the book and it all just looked so right: an elegant but spare design, which didn’t overwhelm Jason’s food nor John’s fantastic captures. The recipes featured in the book were inspired by menu dishes from Jason’s group of global restaurants, translated perfectly for any home cook to tackle.