Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: Jean Cazals | Food Styling: Phil Howard 

There are some books which, from the outset, you know are going to be special. This was true of Phil’s first book: a collection of recipes from his restaurant, The Square. Phil is one of this country’s greatest chefs. The Square holds two Michelin stars and Phil has been chef and co-owner of The Square restaurant since it opened in 1991. It was impossible to do all of the recipes justice in just one volume, so it became two – a first volume, Savoury (2012), followed by Sweet (2013). The first volume came in at 528 pages. I knew I couldn’t limit it to the conventional two pages per recipe and food photo, so they each became either 4 or 6 pages. I also knew I couldn’t illustrate anything less than every one of those recipes, so one of the UK’s finest food photographers, Jean Cazals, did just that. It was a special book for may reasons, but chiefly because Phil had an ability to translate his genius in the restaurant kitchen into the words of a book. This was evident from the day I saw the first written recipe, and, with it, Phil’s fiercely intelligent vision for how the book – and every recipe within it – should be structured. It was also manifest in the dozen or so essays that weaved throughout each of the volumes, that showed a profound consideration and passion for every aspect of his craft and industry. The two volumes of Phil’s books were landmark publications and became must-have books for every chef and for every serious foodie, too.