Art Direction, Design and Layout: Matt Inwood
Photography: Cristian Barnett | Food Styling: Tom Kerridge and Nicole Herft

This was the debut cookbook from Tom Kerridge. Working with Tom is a delight – every bit as thoroughly nice as he is professional. This book was the official accompaniment to the BBC TV show of the same name, and featured all of the recipes from the six-episode series and more. I put together a fantastic team to work on this book, with Tom and his team combining with the fearless Nicole Herft behind the stoves, the always affable Cristian Barnett behind the lens, and the charming Cynthia Inions on board to source and style props. Over a dozen or so days, split between the studio in Wandsworth and location days in Marlow at Tom’s Hand & Flowers double-Michelin-starred pub, we put the most incredible book together, with Tom proudly exclaiming his now-trademark ‘Lush!’ to just about everything that tethered its way across to Cristian’s laptop screen. The book reprinted immediately, and then again, and again, shooting to the very top of the bestseller list and staying there or thereabouts for the remainder of the year. Tom was an overnight sensation in the publishing world, and Proper Pub Food is the book that put him on the publishing map.