My workshops are perfect for foodies and bloggers keen to enhance their smart phone photography and for anyone who wants to up their Instagram game. They are great for people new to Instagram and also for those who are interested in using the app much more effectively, especially as a business tool to self-promote. I am currently running the majority of these workshops virtually and hosting via Zoom.

I have a great passion for Instagram and phone photography. I’ve worked with some of the UK’s best chefs, foodies and food photographers during a working life centred around food and food publishing. In my workshops, I aim to convey the power of Instagram as both a marketing and communication tool, and also the way that this amazing app enhances how people think and create in the world of food. All of photography I publishe to Instagram is taken using an iPhone: these workshops aim to enable you to get brilliant results doing just that, too.

Forthcoming workshops

Saturday February 12th 2022, 10am–3.00pm
Online workshop via Zoom. Click here for more details.